Please make sure that the door to the outside drop box is completely closed before you walk away. When temperatures dip towards freezing and lower our drop box gets frosty inside – actual frost and ice – even with the outer door closed. If the door isn’t completely closed then even more frost builds up in more areas. This causes a huge problem. When the sun hits the metal of the outer drop box it heats up and the frost melts. Melted frost and books are not a good combination. During the cold snap over Christmas, books did not get completely pushed through and the flap was left ajar. We had water damaged books and DVD case inserts. We don’t want to have to make patrons replace these items, but it may come to that if enough damage occurs. PLEASE make sure you close the drop box door. Parents, please talk with your children about this. FYI: We do know who the items blocking the door are checked out to; please help us help you.

Thank you for your help.