Reader Advisory

Here we have a few links to help you search for those hard to find books, determine what the next book in the series is, which authors are similar your favorite writer and track what you are reading. You’re welcome.

KSL Digital Books – Your link to digital and audio downloadable books from the Kansas State Library.

Good Reads – Share book recommendations and track what you read online at this site.

Fantastic Fiction – Bibliographies for over 30,000 authors.

ReadALikes – This is where we go when a patron asks who for suggestions on who writes like their current favorite author.

Read Alike Links – Book lovers’ advice from around the world.

Book Spot – The spot to go for everything you need to know about books.

What’s Next? – Books in a Series

Book lists – A long list of lists covering a long list of topics from the Cincinnati Public Library.

These sites are geared to kids, parents and teachers, be sure to take a look!

A Book And A Hug – an online resource for Kids

Nemaha Central Schools Online Accelerated Reader Access

AR Bookfinder – There is no login or username/passwords required to use this site.  You just search for books and can get information on them such as interest level, reading level and how many points the book is worth.  NCEMS students can take a quiz on any book listed on this site.