Summer/Fall 2021 Quilt Classes Scheduled

Information for all classes: Instructor~ Susan Mitchell, Location~ Seneca Free Library Community Room, Class fee is $30.00, Receive 10% discount on fabric and notions for classes at Seneca Variety, downtown Seneca

UFO CLASS [UnFinished Objects] Need help finishing a project? Let Susan give you a hand! Bring your UFO’s {UnFinished Objects} and get them done. Clear your conscience to sign up for another class and new project. Saturday July 31, 9:00 AM~5:00 PM

SQUARE DANCE – Beginner Level Saturday October 16, 9:00 AM~5:00 PM. If extra time is needed, class will continue on Monday October 18, 2:00~5:00 PM. Class fee includes book.

HUNTER’S STAR -Intermediate Level Master half square triangles! You will be a pro in no time. Saturday November 13, 9:00 AM~5:00 PM. If you need extra time, class will continue on Monday September 13 from 2:00~5:00 PM. Class fee includes pattern. This is a change of date from what was originally published!

CHRISTMAS PINE QUILT as YOU GO TABLE RUNNER – Intermediate Level Saturday November 6, 9:00 AM ~5:00 PM. Class continues on Monday November 6, if extra time is needed. Class fee includes pattern