Cooking With Kids @ Seneca Free Library

Thursday, February 22, Cooking with Kids met for another learning experience in food and fun, this time baking coffee cake and trying out an assortment of smoothie recipes. The entry smelled like fresh baked cinnamon, drawing comments of delight from patrons and librarians alike.

Cooking with Kids is back for another culinary adventure on February 22! This program is for kids 8-11 years old and runs from 3:15-5:00 PM. Class size is limited to 6 students for safety reasons. Call us at 785-336-2377 to reserve your little chef’s spot (prior participants still need to register for each class). Drop in after registration to sign the required waiver. Call soon, space fills up fast!

Thursday February 8 Cooking with Kids was busy making Ham Loaf, Meat Balls and 7 Layer Salad! Don’t come on these days, if you are hungry, it’s hard to resist the aroma.

This week they made M&M pan cookies and Chocolate drop cookies. We forgot to take a picture of the results! Guess they will have to start over. It’s hard being a librarian. 1.25.24

First call the library to enroll your child. Then put it on your calendar so you don’t forget. But we know your child will NOT forget. If they have been Cooking with Deb before, they look forward to coming again. Class size is LIMITED.

Our next class is scheduled for Thursday, January 25 after school – as long as the weather cooperates. This is a really fun event for the kids and Deb. Class size is limited to 6 for safety reasons. Your child is not registered until you call us (785-336-2377) and have signed a waiver. Call soon, space fills up fast!

The pictures below are from the January 11th class making Chicken Noodle Soup.

Happy New Year! We’re kicking off cooking classes 2024 on Thursday January 11, starting at 3:00PM! Call 785.336.2377 to get on the list! Most of our parents have signed the waiver, but if you haven’t yet, please stop into the library when you drop your children off for class.

December 28, 2023 was about trying different pie crusts. They made a graham cracker crust with a no bake cheese cake and a flour pie crust for a” cheese, ham and egg thing” aka quiche. Which do you think they enjoyed most?

Be sure to call to get on the list to join Deb Thursday December 14 to make Gingerbread Houses!

This event is for children ages 8~11, space is limited and sign-up required. So, keep an eye on our Facebook page and put us on speed dial, our number is 785-336-2377.

Deb Haverkamp is teaching the class this year. So far they have made Apple Crisp and Quesadillas! The library smells SO good on Cooking night, everyone leaves very hungry. Deb teaches different skills each class and includes the art of clean up