October 20, 2014

Northeast Kansas Library System Partners with Hoopla Digital to Give

Patrons Online and Mobile Access to Free Movies, TV Shows, Music

and Audiobooks

Library cardholders can now borrow dynamic content directly from their smartphones, tablets

and PCs

LAWRENCE, KS – Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS) today announced public

availability of thousands of movies, television shows, music and audiobooks, all available for

mobile and online access through a new partnership with hoopla digital (

Cardholders of public libraries in the NEKLS region can now download the free hoopla digital

mobile app on their Android or IOS device or visit to begin enjoying thousands

of titles – from major Hollywood studios, record companies and publishers – available to borrow

for instant streaming or temporary downloading to their smartphones, tablets, computers and

Apple TV.

“hoopla digital gives patrons access to a broad range of digital content that includes movies,

TV shows, music and audiobooks,” says Mickey Coalwell, Library Development Consultant at

NEKLS. “With the new service, patrons only need a library card to access this content on the

hoopla app or web site at no charge. It’s instant gratification for library users — there is no

waiting period for popular titles, and hoopla’s automatic return means no late fees.”

Northeast Kansas Library System is the first library system in the state of Kansas to partner with

hoopla digital. Dorothy Bramlage Public Library in Junction City and Hays Public Library, along

with Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, offer the service to their cardholders.

“With hoopla digital, it is our mission to help public libraries meet the needs of the mobile

generation. We’ve worked for years to create a best-in-breed service that is fun, fast and

reliable. And we continue to secure content deals to expand the offering of movies, TV shows,

music and audiobooks,” said Jeff Jankowski founder and owner of hoopla digital.

About hoopla digital

hoopla digital is a category-creating service that partners with public libraries across North

America to provide online and mobile access to thousands of movies, TV shows, videos, music

and audiobooks. With hoopla digital, patrons can borrow, instantly stream and download free

dynamic content with a valid library card. All content is accessible via hoopla digital’s mobile app

and online at hoopla digital is a service of Midwest Tape – a trusted

partner to public libraries for over 20 years.

For more information, please contact 800-875-2785 (US Only) or 866-698-2231 (Canada).

You’ll Have Sew Much Fun at the Library!


Join us on Saturday, November 8

at 10:00 a.m.

for a fun and easy sewing project.

Here is what you will need to bring:

If you have any questions about the project or supplies needed please contact the library @ 785-336-2377 or by email at

Space is limited, so please let us know that you are coming to sew with us.
We’ll be waiting on pins and needles for you!
 sewing supplies






You’ve Got Mail?




Help us help you receive notices from the Library. We’ve discovered a problem with some YAHOO email accounts. The regional office suggests our patrons with YAHOO email add our email addresses to their contacts so any messages from us will not go to your spam folder. The addresses you need to add are: AND

Also, you might find it helpful to add our phone number to your phone contacts. We are listed as City of Seneca, but if you add us as Seneca Free Library 785-336-2377, you will have easy access if you need to contact us and you will know it is the Library if we call you!

Have a great weekend!


By now, you may have noticed that the NExpress catalog look has changed. Those changes are not just skin deep, however! This new look provides a lot of new functionality, including the ability to work seamlessly on any mobile device. This means that the Library Anywhere application that we’ve been using to provide mobile access to our catalog is going to go away. You can still have one-click access to the catalog from your mobile device, though!

For people with an Android tablet or phone:

  1. Navigate to the page in your browser
  2. Press the menu button and select “Bookmarks”
  3. Select “Add”
  4. Customize (call it whatever you want) and click OK
  5. Press and hold the bookmark you just created, select “Add Shortcut To Home”
    From CNET –

For people with iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open Safari, navigate to
  2. Tap the “share” button on the bottom menu bar (an icon of a box with an arrow sticking out the top
  3. Tap on “add to home screen”
  4. Give the new shortcut a name, confirm the URL is correct
  5. Tap “add” to add to your home screen
    From GottaBeMobile –

From the mobile browser on your device, you can check your account, place and check on holds and search the catalog – just like you do from your desktop browser.


Copied from the NEKLS website.

Book Sale Carts Hold Something for Everyone!

book sale

Our Book Sale Carts are full and we have more books waiting their turn on the carts.

There is a nice selection of children’s books that have been donated.

There are a lot of paperback books, some Science Fiction.

Most of the books are Fiction pulled from our shelves others have been donated.

Stop in to see for yourself what we have available, for only ten cents each!! 

That deal is nearly a steal! See you soon.

Summer 2014 Video Ready to View!

End of Summer Reading Party a Huge Success!

FIZZ_BOOM_READ_logo Primary StackedWe had a successful summer here at the library. Two hundred eighty one young readers signed up for the reading program. There was great attendance for all our performers, story times and science activities. Of those 281 readers, 92 remembered to turn in their reading logs before the deadline. An ice cream party was held for those children who remembered the July 31 deadline. Thank you for making your Library an important part of your summer. Let us know, what was your favorite part of Summer @ your Library? Was is a performer, a craft your child make, a book you discovered?

Some of our adult readers are still working on their B-I-N-G-O cards, they have until the end of August to get a Bingo or Blackout their card.

Here are pictures from our Ice Cream Party: 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011


Adult Slogan 2

Sorry, there is no beach party involved in this B-I-N-G-O.

But there is still lots of fun for our ADULT PATRONS to look forward to.

The BINGO card tells you what kind of book to read,

when you’ve read that book, we’ll stamp your card.

When you get BINGO, turn the card in for a surprise!

We’ve pulled a few books to help you get started.

Look over the BINGO card in the photo, then run to the library to get started.

2014 B-I-N-G-O 001

2014 B-I-N-G-O 003

2014 B-I-N-G-O 002


The voting ended Thursday night,

the votes were tallied first thing Friday, May 23rd.

RADAR is the name chosen by a landslide!

Thank you to everyone who took time to come in to vote.

We couldn’t have decided without your help.

robot 002

What Does “Word Gap” Mean to You?

The headline speaker for NEKLS Innovation Day, April 30 in Topeka, was Garry Golden, an academically trained Futurist.  He  talked about the future of libraries and ways we can better serve our communities. What we found most interesting had nothing to do with keeping up with technology. He told us about research at Rice University with families with young children.  The study involved families from different socio-economic status; high-income, middle, low, and families who were on welfare. You can read about the research on the link above. Basically what they found is that children in welfare families heard an average of 616 words per hour, while those from working class families heard around 1,251 words per hour, and those from professional families heard roughly 2,153 words per hour. Over the time of birth to a child’s 4th birthday, the “word gap” that children hear and experience is roughly 30 MILLION WORDS. The significance is not only that children in poverty heard over a third fewer words than their high income counterparts, they studied the kind of words, words of encouragement or discouragement. The children who heard more encouragement were ahead developmentally not only at age three or four but a later study, following some of the same families, shows that success followed children through ages 9 and 10.  {information taken from Rice University study site}

Community leaders in Providence, R.I. were so struck by the results of the study that they  “distributed small recording devices — essentially word pedometers — that tuck into the vest of a child’s clothing. These will automatically record and calculate the number of words spoken and the number of times a parent and child quickly ask and answer each other’s questions.” {copied from the word gap} The NYTimes also has an article about the effort in Providence also.

How does all this tie in with our Library? Over a year ago we started our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program, encouraging  parents and families of young children to read, read, read to their babies and toddlers. We can now point to this study to confirm our goals to have children not only learn to love books, but to stimulate their growing minds with word, color, rhythm of the spoken word and more.

When we heard just a little about this study at the library conference, we felt the results validated what we set out to accomplish with our pre-school reading program. We’ve shared 3 articles here for you to read, you can find many more if you search “word gap” online. We hope that parents, grandparents, care-givers, and anyone who works with children will take time to learn more about this “word gap” and will also make reading and talking to children a daily priority. We invite you to stop by the library and enroll your children in our reading program.