STEM Club Meets

December STEM Meeting Report

For winter fun we made homemade ice cream. For Science know- how we discovered how a solution (water and salt) has a lower freezing temperature than pure water (a solvent).  Since half and half, vanilla and sugar require a lower freezing temperature we were successful in using these concepts to create ice cream.

We were timid to get our hands cold at first.
Everything must be sealed well.
No one wants to get salt in their ice cream.
It was important that the baggies were tightly sealed. When placing the quart baggie into the gallon baggie of ice and rock salt it was important that the smaller bag was settled into the melted mixture.
Rocking the bags gently was the biggest challenge for these eager scientists.
This was hard on the fingers. Brrrrr…..cold.


Jiggle it a little….
Even better with chocolate.





November STEM: fun with Oobleck

We had messy fun making Oobleck. Who knew cornstarch and water could be so much fun? And you thought it was just for making gravy!

We did have instructions, you can’t just dump them together willy nilly. And fingers are great for mixing the ingredients, and did they get a work out! Mixing and stirring and mixing over and over again. The question is are we stirring a liquid or mixing a solid? Well, it is BOTH! It’s OOBLECK! A term for goo/goop first coined by Dr. Suess in His 1949 book And later accepted as an actual science term. Pick it up, it runs like a liquid, but fist bump it and it reacts like a solid…what? OOBLECK is a  non- Newtonian fluid because it does not fit the parameters set by Newton’s definition of a fluid. And now you know.


 STEM October 2017


Dowel rods, tongue depressors and rubber bands. That is pretty much all the scholars had to work with. It is harder than you might think to manipulate rubber bands to hold the dowel rods in place…where you want them, and the angle you want them. STEM presents so many challenges, even outside the lesson we set out to teach.

The prototype.
Looks great!
First create the plane to be propelled.
Do we twist or stretch or turn the rubber band?
Instructions: Think of using the rubberband like this….
I think I got it, almost…
It stays straight when I hold it…
A triangle?
stretch and twist and turn and twist…
and twist and stretch….
How did he get that to work?
And it stays straight how?
I think I got it
attaching the launcher
10 feet seemed a reasonable expectation…
most planes went 12 feet or better
ready to fly
past the 10 foot line
Showing off the fun. I’m sure their mother is enjoying having 3 catapults in the house!!



We had a bucket challenge at the September meeting of our STEM Club.

We built straw structures to hold “buckets’ full of pennies. Each student was given 67 straws and an endless amount of masking tape. The tape was used to hold the straws together and the bucket (paper cup) was attached with string. The students were shown samples but given no specific instructions. So much creative engineering happened here. So much tape was used. And then we added pennies to the bucket. The test called for pennies. We thought candy would be more fun. A good lesson in weight versus volume. We compared the weight and volume of several types of candy. The pictures below tell their own story.

——————————————————————————————————————————————It’s time for us to begin our STEM program this school year! Sign-up starts September 14.

STEM is for students in grades 4 – 6 who want to have some hands on fun with science, technology, engineering, and math.

STEM is usually held the fourth Wednesday of each month,

but a scheduling conflict means we have to change the date to Thursday, September 28 this month.

Class size is limited to 15.

Enrollment ends Thursday September 21 and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Call us today at 336-2377 to enroll your student(s).