STEM 2017: How’s the Weather?

March STEM Meeting was All About Weather

Great satisfaction was had by our budding scientists creating weather gauges.

2017April iPad pictures 022
The students are so proud of their completed BAROMETERS!
2017April iPad pictures 023
Concentration and finesse….
2017April iPad pictures 026
Caution and determination…
2017April iPad pictures 024
Working ANEMOMETERS test the wind speed of our fans.


The January meeting of our STEM group studied eyeballs from cows.

Although some were leery to touch and cut into the eyeball, we had a great adventure discovering what makes up an eyeball.

Next month: How do eyes work? How do we see?

Each young scientist was provided with a work space, tools and 1 cows eyeball.
“Do I really have to touch it to dissect it?”


Here we go.
Some “dig” right in and tentative scientists begin dissecting the eyeball.


“I got the lens out of mine.”
Sharing the ‘fun’ of learning!