<Snapshot: a Day in the Life of Kansas Libraries. Libraries across  Kansas were asked to participate in Snapshot Day the week of November 15 – 20. Public, academic, school and special libraries were asked to pick one day during the week to compile statistics, customer comments, photographs and other data chronicling a typical library day. What is more typical than checking out to a patron at a library?

Yes, the mail man comes most everyday we are  > open, there are days he takes a holiday while we are at the library wondering where he is. He delivers 2 daily newspaper, the Topeka Capital Journal and USA Today. He also delivers the weekly newspapers from Seneca, Marysville and Sabetha. The library also subscribes to over 30 magazines.

<This is our Kansas Express Courier delivery man. This is the man who delivers the books our patrons request from other libraries. In July of 2009 the libraries of Kansas began using a state wide courier service instead of sending all our inter-library loans through the mail.

Books and movies are the most popular items to       > get checked out. DVDs are popular when people are traveling if they have portable players in their vehicles. Also very popular with people who travel a lot are the audio books, books on CD.  We have a nice selection of adult and childrens books on CD and even still a few on cassette tapes, remember those?

<We managed to catch a child reading quietly in the gazebo in the children’s area. Her mother was looking for Accelerated Reading books for her older brother to read. She said she likes to read to her baby sister too.

>The library held a special reading of The Wind in the Willows for children in grades 1-3. On Friday they came to the library to watch the movie and enjoy popcorn in our community room!

<The computers are always very busy after school. Children under 12 years of age need to have a parent come into the library to sign a form giving them permission to be  on our computers with internet access.