Restoration Work has Begun on Our Stained Glass Windows

stained glass window 002 stained glass window 003 stained glass window 004

When was the last time you looked at, really looked at, the stained glass windows in the ‘Old Stone Church’ that is our Community Room?

 If you look today, you will notice that one of the windows is absent from the library. It isn’t broken! We are having the windows repaired with new lead and steel reinforcements. The old plexi-glass will be replaced with plate glass in bronze tone steel frames to match the windows in the library building. After 113 years the lead in the windows has softened and can no longer support the weight of the glass, it is time for some serious repair work.

We are very excited for our first window to return and the rest to be completed.

The crew came in on Tuesday February 21st to remove the southeast window, just one this time.
stained glass window 002
They came back Wednesday evening to load it up and take it to their shop in Hutchinson, KS.