Passport Seneca: Your Guide to Summer Adventures in 2024!

Need a little adventure but running short on funds for a big ticket vacation? Need a chance to get away but your schedule says, “Not unless you can fit it in on this specific afternoon in June!”? Partner or friends disappointed that “We never do anything fun together anymore.”? Look no further than your local Seneca Free Library for your guide to all this and More!

Passport Seneca Extravaganza 2024 is a sizzling fresh new program for adult patrons 18+ sponsored by the Seneca Free Library! Inside this free passport is a page by page list of recommended activities to do Right Here in Seneca either by yourself or with a group of avid adventurers like you. Interested? Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Between May 20 and June 8, hot foot it down to the Seneca Free Library and visit the circulation desk. Talk to your Librarian and ask about the Passport Program. We’ll get you registered and ready to go with your physical passport* and a reminder of what to do with it! (*This is not a legal or government authorized document, that’s a completely different agency! But if you want us to take a really terrible photo of you just for kicks, we can.)

Step 2: Pick your path to Adventure! Decide which opportunities you want to knock out and when you want to do them! Most of them are even Free! (Savvy Adventurers should take note, Saturday, June 8th, is Museum Day and it’s a super efficient chance to check off a bunch of activities without having to schedule individual tours with the museums’ staff.)

Step 3: As with the official government document, Don’t Lose Your Passport! Why? Because your passport isn’t just a list of fun things to do and get checked off, it’s also your ticket to FABULOUS PRIZES! (If you do lose your passport, no worries, we can get you a new one at the circulation desk, you’ll just need to repeat the activities you already had checked off. Nothing replaces experiences, not even the magic of the library.)

Step 4: Keep track of your stamps and receipts. 5 stamps gets you the first tier prize from the library. 10 Stamps gets you the second tier prize. A full passport not only means you had a great summer, but it gets you entered into our Grand Prize Adventure Pack Giveaway drawing at the end of the summer!

Step 5: Turn in your passport at the circulation desk BEFORE JULY 31 to be eligible for the grand prize drawing! Tier 1 and Tier 2 prizes can be claimed and marked off at the circulation desk any time between June 8 and July 31. Only ONE passport is eligible for completion per Patron.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right? So come in and get registered between May 20 and June 8, get out there and have some fun, and be sure to tell us about your adventures when you come to report your progress! We look forward to seeing you this summer! Happy Adventuring!