Old Cell Phones and Devices Wanted

Old Cell Phones and Devices Wanted

Looking for another opportunity to give back?

The American Legion Auxiliary (Unit 21-Seneca) is collecting the following items: cell phones (all smartphones and iPhones or flip phones), phone chargers and USB cords, iPads and non-Apple Tablets or eReaders, iPods and MP3 Players.

ALA will ship these items to Big Sky Recycling who will then donate the items to U.S. soldiers through Operation Shoebox or recycle the items that are broken or too far out-dated to be used. By donating your old cell phones and tablets you will help provide phones and phone cards through care packages to our troops deployed overseas and returning home.

Items for donation may be dropped off at the Seneca Free Library (606 Main St, Seneca, KS), The American Legion (Basement, 812 Main St, Seneca, KS), or Sts Peter and Paul Mission Center (409 Amador St, Seneca, KS). For more information or questions about specific items for donation, email alaseneca21@gmail.com

What NOT to Donate!

x Original Boxes or Instruction Manuals for phones.
x Computers, Laptops, or Computer Parts
x Landline Phones
x Printers or Ink Cartridges
x Cable Boxes
x Damaged Batteries for any devices.

What About Data Security?

Before donating any electronic device, it is advised that you first save any important content (photos, contacts, etc) and then perform a factory reset to erase all data. If you are unable to power on or perform the reset, rest assured Big Sky Recycling ensures data destruction on all recycled cell phones and devices.