December A.R.T. Club Meeting Report

Proud, happy faces! Their creations are wonderful!

The Aurora Borealis were the inspiration for the art work created this month.

Look closely and you can see the  northern lights in Seneca!
In case you have a lot of questions:…

Scraps of papers ready for the artists to begin our project with a green focused collage.
Cut and paste
Cut and paste

Choose 1-3 colors to create your own northern lights.
Curls, swirls, swishes, swings , glides, spins….whatever strokes gave the feel of those colorful swaying lights was on target.
Using oil pastel meant added effects could be made by blending with q-tips, make-up sponges or just paper napkins.
Rub, rub, rub-a-dub rub.
Swish, whee!
Trying to fill most of the page.
Tearing the white paper vertically would give the bumpy look of snow on the ground.
Rip, gently tear, rip.

Gluing the “snow” on the bottom of the page.

Now we cut our former collages into triangles to make our trees.

It’s coming together!

What do you think?

Ready for paint and glitter!

Lets flick paint on the picture to look like snow.



On Wednesday November 15th the young artists followed step by step guidance to create their own one of a kind turkey! As you can see below great attention to detail and slow intentional work gave a great reward as each child was able to bring home a realistic looking drawing of a turkey. It was exciting to see how each artist used the basic instructions to come up with very unique and personal style.


The October  A.R.T. meeting was held Wednesday October 18. This month the students painted with water color, brushes and…straws?


The first meeting of A.R.T., Artistic Recreation Time, was held Tuesday September 19. Our budding artists were asked to express themselves through Feeling Faces, aka emojis. The pupils used different shapes on their pieces and a variety of craft media to create the faces. Paper punches were popular. They were asked to place their favorite creation in the center of the collage. Color was the word of the day. Take time to look closely at their creations, they are really quite clever.

Considering the wonderful response we had to the Art Camp we hosted this summer,

we have decided to start a monthly Artistic Recreation Time {A.R.T.} program at the Library. 

A.R.T. will be for students in grades 1 – 3 who love to create art.

This program will normally be on the third Wednesday of the  month after school.

Because of a scheduling conflict, A.R.T. will be on Tuesday September 19 this month.

Enrollment is limited to 12 artists. Enrollment ends Tuesday September 19 or when the class is full.

Call the Library at 336-2377 to enroll you student(s).