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By , July 20, 2012 2:31 pm

Kansas EZ Library Help

Having a technical problem with one of the new services?  Contact Lianne Flax at the Online Services desk for help.  This email address may be given directly to patrons as well.  audiobooks@library.ks.gov

3M Cloud Library Update

Ongoing Holds Errors

Holds errors continue to be a problem.  Types of errors patrons are experiencing:

  1. books available on the holds list fail to check out.
  2. hold status indicating “available for checkout in less than 1 day” for more than 24 hours; or book wait time suddenly starts counting up instead of counting down.

3M has been working on this behind the scenes.  This week they have been testing their latest fix against the different versions of the app, to make sure that the fix will not break other features.  We hope this will be resolved soon.

Search Problems / How to find a book to check out right now.

3M development team was working on some upgrades for the search engine this week, and unfortunately this has resulted in spotty search functionality.  They are working to fix this.  Please steer mobile patrons towards the Categories tab (subject browse) and PC patrons towards the Categories tab on the 3M browsing website if their search feature is not cooperating.

3M browsing website: http://ebook.3m.com/library/en/kansas/

  • Log in to this website with you Kansas Library Card information.
  • May browse & check out on this site, but not read the book via the website.  Categories (subject browse) has a handy “show only available” option now.
  • Open your mobile app or the 3M software on your computer to use the books you have checked out while on the 3M website.

Note: the PC software has not received the upgrade that allows you to limit Categories to “show only available” yet.  The website and mobile apps now have this function.  Expect to see this feature after the next update.

3M Statistics

As of June 1, the 3M Cloud Library collection contained 2000 total copies.  We cannot get more statistics (such as circulation stats) on 3M at this time.  Other reports are still being developed.  Once they are available these will be run and reported monthly to the library community.

Kindle Note

We have not had any updates on possible Kindle compatibility, though we had hoped to hear positive news by now.  If you own a Kindle, please let Amazon know that compatibility with the 3M Cloud Library is important to you by visiting your Kindle’s customer service page and using the “contact us” link.  A sign has been attached to this email for notifying patrons.

OneClickdigital Update

General News

No new updates or features have been rolled out since our last email message to you.  Work continues on many projects at OneClickdigital.  Many patrons are asking about the Android version of the OneClick mobile app.  OneClick’s technical team expects to have this complete by the end of summer.

OneClick June Stats

  • Collection: 3394 total active titles (includes ~400 subscription books)
  • Circulation Stats
    • Total: 8686 circs
    • Daily Average: 290
  • Patrons
    • Total Accounts: 10456
    • New in June: 760

Purchasing Update

The State Library of Kansas had achieved a holds ratio of 5 patrons per copy on OneClickdigital holds by the end of fiscal year.  We are now working with some excess funds to further lower the wait times on popular titles.   Short update by platform:

  • OneClick: have reliable holds reports, very easy to run a ratio and determine how many more copies are necessary.   However, there are several titles that have high holds that we cannot do anything about—Brilliance Audio allowed transfer of previously owned titles but they have pulled out of the digital market for libraries.  For example, we have 100 patrons on hold for Captivated by Nora Roberts.  We are unable to purchase additional copies of this audiobook to satisfy the holds list as it is a Brilliance title.
  • 3M: purchasing extra copies to satisfy holds is difficult, as a reliable holds list cannot be run.  Extra copies have been purchased based on generally popular titles and individual reports of high holds from librarians and patrons.  A ratio of 5 or less is also being achieved on this platform.

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